District Governor Joanne inspired club members, both live and via Zoom, during our July 28th hybrid Club meeting.
District Governor Joanne Alfieri 
Her message was clear:
No matter what anyone says, show up and do the work!
If they praise you, show up and do the work!
If they criticize you, show up and do the work!
If no one even notices you, show up and do the work!
Just keep showing up, doing the work and leading the way!
Lead with passion!
Fuel up with optimism!
Have Faith!
Power up with love!
Maintain hope!
Be stubborn!
Fight the good fight!
Refuse to give up!
Ignore the critics!
Believe in the impossible!
Show up!
Do the work!
You’ll be glad you did,
True grit leads to true success!
In the Zoom image are Marlene DeJesus, Dave Tedeschi, District Governor Joanne Alfieri, Linda Vitro, Lynne Merceri (not pictured).
Club President John Barber, Mario Tedeschi, Club Treasurer Mary Ann Ludtke, Dave DeLancey, District Governor Joanne Alfieri, Past District Governor Marc Glass and District Governor Elect Randy Chapelle